Heinz Reveals You Should Never Hit The Bottom Of A Glass Ketchup Bottle — Tap The ’57’ Instead

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The History Of Ketchup

<u>The History Of Ketchup </u>

According to National Geographic’s The Plate, ketchup is a fermented fish sauce that was probably initially brought to Southern China by way of Vietnam.

In 1732, Richard Bradley published a recipe for “ketchup in paste”. This early iteration was supposed to have been brought to Britain via trade routes in the Indies.

This early form of ketchup was much different from what we have come to know and love today. Early ketchup was thin and soupy because no one had yet thought to add tomatoes to it.

In 1812, the scientist James Mease added tomatoes to the recipe, but it was still a little ways off from becoming the modern day condiment.

After tomatoes were added to the mix, ketchup lovers suffered from another big obstacle: spoilage. Tomatoes don’t keep well, so ketchup of the early 1800’s often grew bacteria and mold.

To combat this, early ketchup lovers overcompensated by loading up their ketchup with harmful preservatives, which were also making people sick.

One man was particularly upset by the use of chemical preservatives in ketchup. His name was Harvey Washington Wiley, and in in 1870’s he teamed up with a Pittsburgh man named Henry Heinz to come up with a new recipe.

Heinz added riper tomatoes to the recipe, and he also added vinegar to help with the preservation problem. Just like that, modern day ketchup was born!

The Infamous ’57 Trick

<u>The Infamous '57 Trick </u>

Still, delicious and beloved as ketchup is, people have always struggled to get it out of the glass bottle.

Most of us heavily hammer on the bottom of the bottle to try to get the sauce inside out.

But it turns out, there’s an easier way.

Ever notice that nifty little raised numbering on the classic Heinz ketchup? Yeah, me neither. At least I hadn’t before someone taught me the famous ’57 trick.

The ’57 Trick Performed

<u>The '57 Trick Performed </u>

Heinz even notes the trick on the FAQ section of their website, writing:

Q: What’s the best way to get Heinz® Ketchup out of the iconic glass bottle? 

A: To release Ketchup faster from the glass bottle, apply a firm tap to the sweet spot on the neck of the bottle — the “57.” Very few people know this secret. Now you’re “in-the-know.” 

The trick is simple. It’s performed in just a few easy steps, and once you learn it, you’ll never go back to your old fork fishing ways!

Step #1

<u>Step #1</u>

Youtuber Roger Dilly shows off the trick in an online video.

The first step is to tip the bottle upside down.

Don’t flip the bottle all the way upside down, rather, hold the bottle at about a 45 degree angle, with the nozzle of the bottle pointing down at your plate.

Step #2

<u>Step #2</u>

After you have the bottle in position, locate the raised ’57 marking on the side of the bottle. Then, firmly tap that spot on the bottle until the ketchup starts flowing freely–voilà! You now the ’57 trick!

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